About Us

CKH HR offers a suite of HR services that include talent acquisition, employee onboarding, succession planning, employee performance management, customized employee training and bespoke services.  

Our services

CKH HR Consulting can help with recruitment, onboarding, succession planning, performance management and leadership training.

Talent Acquisition

A successful talent acquisition program enhances recruitment strategies that are aligned with organizational goals.


Successful on-boarding programs are essential for your business and employee success.

Succession Planning

A successful succession management program is key for long term business success.

Performance Management

Performance management boosts employee engagement and productivity.

Leadership Training

Employee training helps companies gain and retain top talent, increase job satisfaction and morale, improve productivity and earn more profit.

Bespoke Employee Training

CKH HR Consulting, LLC. can provide bespoke HR services based on your organization’s needs, goals and objectives.